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Saixiang Technology Won Second Runner-up Prize in the High T
  • 2016-12-05
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       In the morning of March 8th (Sunday), after more than 200 hard fought matches in two days, the High Tech Zone "Vibrant Sports Year" Badminton Match ended completely in Badminton Gymnasium of Tianjin University, in which Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Ltd won Second Runner-up Prize.

       Badminton has been well-received by most staff members, by adopting five-council Council three wins system, it is a team competition with five events consisted of the men’s and women’s singles, the men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Saixiang Technology team consisted of ten athletes gets into the final successfully after more than ten preliminaries. In the finals, the athletes of Saixiang displays their great skills, and with highlights emerging and upsurge happening frequently ,the score is very close. The audience is screaming and cheering their support with the long and loud applause, and the atmosphere here is very harmonious. Finally, Saixiang technology team won the second runner-up prize in the badminton match. Although these excellent athletes participated in this match at the cost of their time, they not only have demonstrated a great competitive status, but also displayed the spirit of unity of Saixiang staffs and workers.

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Saixiang Technology Won Second Runner-up Prize in the High T
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